Busch plastering and Stucco can tackle any custom job from curved archways, specialty trim work, Venetian plaster or fauve finishes. We have clients from Northern Illinois to Midwestern Wisconsin. Our portfolio displays homes of all sizes and shapes. No job is too small. Our company has been instrumental in the restoration of some Frank Lloyd Wright properties. Our mission is to make our customers happy and improve the aesthetics and value of their property with quality products and craftsmanship. All our work comes with a 1 year guarantee on workmanship and materials. We also have a one-time call back, free of charge.

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Interior Plaster, Re-coat Plaster, Conventional Stucco, E.I.F.S. systems, Plaster Repair, Drywall Texturing, Drywall Finishing, and Recoat Stucco

Textures and Styles


Crows Foot Texture - is a two coat three step texture. This System involves the application of a base coat and then texture coat by brush which is later troweled down to create this brilliant look.



Colored Plastering - allows you to add the desired color of your walls into the plaster. Put away the paint can and rollers. With colored plaster, no painting is necessary




Sand Finish - is a two coat process involving the application of a base coat and then a sand finish coat. The finish coat is then floated out to various style textures including flat, uniform swirl, or staggered swirl.



Skip Trowel - also know as knockdown, is a two coat system involving a base coat and texture coat. It can be applied at various texture weights including heavy, medium, and knockdown.


Smooth Coat - is an interior finish that leaves the wall surface smooth enough to add wall paper or paint. It is a two coat system. There is no visible texture.



Venetian Plaster



Rounded Corners



Knock Down / Skip Trowel Textured Drywall - This is a great option for new construction and remodel jobs. Doing renovations? Add some texture to your walls and upgrade the look.


A magnatude of different styles can be generated and matched. Sample patterns are available upon request.

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